Derek Jeter Net Worth – $125,000,000

Derek Jeter Salary 2012 – $33,000,000

Derek Jeter Contract – 3 years / $51,000,000 (Derek Jeter Salary 2012 will be $17,000,000 playing for the New York Yankees)

Derek Jeter Net Worth is $125,000,000, and Derek Jeter Salary 2012 is $33,000,000. Derek Jeter is the shortstop for the New York Yankees, Jeter is one of the best MLB players of all time. Touted as one of the best shortstops in the game, Derek Jeter has made a name for himself as a premier hitter in the league. A 13 time All-Star, 5 time World Series Champion, 5 time Gold Glove Winner, and World Series MVP, Derek Jeter has been one of the most consistent MLB baseball players of all time. Playing for the Yankees for his whole career, Derek holds the record for most hits as a Yankee with over 3,000. Furthermore, Jeter was the first New York Yankee to reach the 3,000 hit mark on July 9, 2011. Derek Jeter has endorsements with Nike, VISA, Discover Card, Ford, Gatorade, Gillette Fusion, Fleer trading cards, Fleet Bank, Fila, Skippy, and Kraft Foods/Nabisco.

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