Kobe Bryant Salary 2013 – $27,849,149

Kobe Bryant Net Worth – $200,000,000

Kobe Bryant Net Worth is $200,000,000, and Kobe Bryant Salary 2013 is $27,849,149. Kobe Bryant has been in the NBA for almost 17 years as a pro, and has totaled over $226 million in contracts with the Los Angeles Lakers. Furthermore, Kobe Bryant is currently the highest paid NBA Player for the 2012-2013 season, with a salary of $27,849,149. Kobe Bryant is a 14 time NBA All-Star, the 2008 NBA MVP, and a 5 time NBA Champion. At age 34, Kobe Bryant only has 2 years in his contract left, and has told the press he is seriously considering retirement after the expiration of his contract. Kobe Bryant is a 6 foot 6 shooting guard, that is one of the most prolific scorers in NBA History. In addition, Kobe Bryant has many endorsements including Nike and Turkish Airlines, Nike signed Kobe to a 5 year $45 million deal, 3 years ago. Kobe Bryant also has 2 Olympic Gold Medals, and is married to Vannessa Laine. With Dwight Howard leaving the Lakers to join James Harden and Jeremy Lin in Houston, Kobe Bryant is left with Steve Nash and Pau Gasol, to try and bring back the Lakers, as he come back from a knee injury. Still Kobe Bryant Net Worth is the biggest for any basketball player ever to play, but Kobe also wants to be considered the best all time, with players like Lebron James, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and many other greats, Kobe only has a few years left to make his claim as the best all time.

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