Marshawn Lynch Salary 2013 – $8,500,000

Marshawn Lynch Net Worth – $20,000,000

Marshawn Lynch Contract – 4 Years / $31,000,000 Seattle Seahawks

Marshawn Lynch Salary 2013 is $8,500,000, and Marshawn Lynch Net Worth is $20,000,000. Marshawn Lynch is a NFL Running Back for the Seattle Seahawks. From Oakland, California, Lynch had 1,722 yards and 23 touchdowns in only 8 games. Lynch became the best player in San Francisco, and was the 2nd rated Running Back nationwide in 2004 only behind Adrian Peterson. Lynch then received a scholarship from University of California, Berkeley where he became one of the best running backs in school history, and making a name for himself with scouts. In the 2007 NFL Draft, Lynch was drafted 12th overall by the Buffalo Bills, and was considered one of the best running backs out of college. Since joining the NFL, Lynch has since been traded to the Seattle Seahawks where he has partnered up with Russell Wilson, and has become a 3 time Pro-Bowler, All-Pro, and the number 24th ranked played in the NFL for 2013. Lynch has a $31 million contract with the Seahawks making Marshawn Lynch Salary $8,500,000 for 2013 and Marshawn Lynch Net Worth continue to go up as he performs well and receives bonuses. Lynch and the Seahawks are looking to challenge the 49ers led by Colin Kaepernick.

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