Ray Rice Net Worth – $10,000,000

Ray Rice Salary 2012 – $5,000,000

Ray Rice Contract – 5 Years / $35,000,000 (Ray Rice Salary 2012 with with Baltimore Ravens is $5,000,000)

Ray Rice Net Worth is $10,000,000, and Ray Rice Salary 2012 is $5,000,000. Ray Rice is an NFL Running Back for the Baltimore Ravens, and has established himself as one of the premier running backs in the NFL. The 55th Draft Pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, Ray Rice has blossomed as a Running Back earning 3 Pro Bowl Appearances, 2 All Pro, and making the playoffs every year he has played in the NFL. On November 25, 2012 against the San Diego Chargers, Ray Rice converted a 4 and 25, with less than 2 minutes left and down by 3, to propel the Ravens into tying the game with a field goal and then later winning it. Ray Rice has also helped lead the Baltimore Ravens to Super Bowl XLVII, where they will face Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers.

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