Robinson Cano Net Worth – $60,000,000

Robinson Cano Salary 2013 – $17,000,000

Robinson Cano Contract – 6 Years / $55,000,000 (Robinson Cano Salary 2013 with New York Yankees is $15,000,000)

Robinson Cano Net Worth is $60,000,000, and Robinson Cano Salary 2013 is $17,000,000. Robinson Cano is currently one of the best baseball players in the mlb, both in hitting and defense The second baseman for the New York Yankees, Cano has become the best hitter and overall player in the star packed New York Yankees. A 4 time Silver Slugger, 4 time All-Star, Home Run Derby Champion, World Series Champion, and 2 time Gold Glove Award Winner, Robinson Cano has become an amazing power house for the New York Yankees. The key to the future of the Yankees, Cano has become one of the most popular players for the New York Yankees. Robinson Cano has endorsement deals with Nike, MasterCard, Bing Mobile, and Cameostars.

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