Roger Goodell Net Worth – $40,000,000

Roger Goodell Salary 2012 – $20,000,000 (Est)

Roger Goodell Net Worth is $40,000,000, and Roger Goodell Salary 2012 is $20,000,000. Roger Goodell is the Commissioner of the National Football League, and is considered to be “the most powerful man in sports.” Recently, Goodell had a contract extentsion up to 2018 valued at over $100,000,000 with an average salary of $20,000,000. Recently, Goodell has been under fire of his handling with Bountygate, the NFL Lockout, Player Conduct, and the Referee Lockout. In a poll of 300 NFL Players, 61% disapprove of Roger Goodell’s handling of the NFL which is the lowest approval rating he’s had since he got the job in 2006. However, Goodell has stated that his mission is to make the NFL safer in the wake of all these law suits with the health of its former players after retiring.

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