Kim Kardashian Net Worth – $95,000,000

Kim Kardashian Salary 2012 – $18,000,000

Kim Kardashian Net Worth is $95,000,000, and Kim Kardashian Salary 2012 is $18,000,000. Kim Kardashian is a reality tv star, and socialite who blasted onto the reality tv scene. Starring in her hit show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Kim has propelled herself to stardom by basically just being attractive. After her explicit video was released on the web, Kim became a household name. After her 3 week marriage with Kris Humphries, Kim got herself on the cover of 63 magazines, a $30 million extension on her show, and has now become pregnant with Kanye West’s baby. Kim Kardashian’s fragrance makes her $6,000,000 annually, she has started a new fashion line with her sisters, opened a new location of the family boutique DASH, and launched a specialty store in Las Vegas called Kardashian Khaos.

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