Paul McCartney Salary Yearly – $57,000,000

Paul McCartney Net Worth –  $800,000,000

Sir Paul McCartney, revered English singer-songwriter, earns an annual reported salary of $57,000,000. Most of his money comes from touring; in particular the On the Run tour, extended from 2011, earned a gross of $38,846,651, which, divided among the five band members on tour (including McCartney, not including crew members, technicians, etc.) would have earned McCartney a tour salary of $7,800,000. Included in these shows was the performance at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, a charity performance for Teenage Cancer Trust, and a free final concert in Zócalo, Mexico. Another performance of note was the closing of the 2012 Olympics opening ceremonies, for which he was paid only $1.57 (to secure his contract). In addition, McCartney has almost fifty musical albums (including live albums and compilations) in circulation, from which he constantly receives the dividends of sales from, as well as from digital downloads and radio stations that play his tracks. This is not even counting the sales of Beatles records, which even in 2012 are still astronomical. McCartney also released a new album in February of this year, titled Kisses on the Bottom, which debuted at 3 on the UK album charts and 5 on the US’s Billboard top 200. These royalties along with concert sales combine to make up the majority of his 2012 salary. He has also made appearances and contributed music to commercial advertisements for soft-drink company Coca-Cola and music equipment-maker JBL. The Coke commercial in particular received prime airtime during international coverage of the summer Olympics, bringing McCartney’s annual salary close to $57,000,000.

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