Prince William Net Worth – $10,000,000

Prince William Salary 2013 – $500,000

Prince William Net Worth is $10,000,000, and Prince William Salary 2013 is $500,000. Prince William is the Duke of Cambridge, and is 2nd in line for the thrown. Born to the the heir to the thrown Charles the Prince of Wales and Diana the Princess of Wales, Prince William is a full time pilot for the search and rescue force of the British Military. Prince William earned a degree in the University of St. Andrews, and met his future wife Kate Middleton while attending school. To further his studies Prince William learned Kiswahili in Kenya and Tanzania. In addition, Prince William trained to be an officer in the British Military and is a lieutenant in the Blues and Royal Regiment. Later on he got his flight wings in the Royal Air Force College Cranwell, and then trained to be a helicopter pilot. On April 29, 2011 Prince William married long time girlfriend Kate Middleton in Westminster Abbey. On July 22, 2013 Prince William and Kate Middleton became the proud parents of a baby boy.

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